Are you set for success? Habits and priorities of highly successful people

Are you set for success? The habits and priorities of highly successful people 

Bottom Line: About twenty years ago when I created “The Millionaire Plan”, how the average person earning the average income could become a millionaire within 25 years, I studied the habits of the average self-made millionaire. A couple really stood out to me then and still do today because they painted the picture of how financial success is most commonly achieved.  

  • The average American millionaire woke up at 5:32 and drove a Ford F-150 Pickup truck 

That probably defies conventional wisdom and stereotypes but certainly is endemic of someone who’s worked hard to achieve their success. With that in mind here’s what’s going on with the top leaders from the top businesses today... 

Apple’s the world’s first trillion-dollar company and their CEO, Tim Cook, starts his day by waking up at 3:45. Kevin O’Leary recently told CNBC he wakes up daily at 4:30. All told the average CEO still wakes up before 6am. Contrast that with an average wake of time of about 6:48 for the average professional and what happens with that head start? Exercise and increased productivity. According to business expert/researcher Tom Corley, 76% of multi-millionaires exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily and start their day before most others for maximum productivity without distractions.  

And here’s the thing. It’s not like Tim Cook or Kevin O’Leary have to do this... They do it by choice because it’s what works best for them to maximize success. It also illustrates another point about those who’re among the most successful. They’re often among the hardest workers as well. That’s why it’s also not constructive to talk about the “working class” or working families, yada, yada. That’s nothing more than political jargon designed to benefit politicians who weaponize information for voter manipulation. Tune the noise out but consider rising early, exercising daily and crossing off to do’s before many have even started their day.  

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