Don’t worry it’s only the roof over your head - Important headlines

Important headlines for August 8th – Don’t worry it’s only the roof over your head 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them...  

Hot Take: Alright. And what happens to your home if you can’t afford to pay higher property taxes? This small detail in the conversation always seems to be lost from the special and rising property tax equation. But at least in Broward and Miami-Dade, unlike Palm Beach County – they have below average spending for school districts of their complexity and size. In Palm Beach County it’s a combination of well above average property tax assessments, existing special and sales taxes and continued efforts to manipulate the masses for yet another property sales tax increase. 

Hot Take: And that’s a big piece of the much bigger conversation that needs to take place via a full accounting for the level of corruption within the State Department, Justice Department and FBI under the Obama administration. Until there’s actually evidence that we’re all equal under the law, there’s no reason to have confidence generally in any of those institutions because there’s publicly enough information available to show criminal behavior within all of them and yet no one’s been held accountable for anything and in fact one co-conspirator, Rod Rosenstein, is still effectively running the Justice Department because Happy Gilmore recused himself from working.  

We’re either a country of laws and accountability or we’re not. If we’re not, why would we have confidence in those who enforce them?   

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