How negative are you? How to instantly become a more positive person

How negative are you? How to instantly become a more positive person 

Bottom Line: According to Scott Bea at the Cleveland Clinic, to Money recently, most conversations include a complaint. That’s kind of unfortunate. That’s a good place to start. Think about the next conversation you have today and see if it includes a complaint – or if you’re naturally tempted to complain about something or someone. Simply being more aware could turn you into a more positive, and likely, a happier person. But here’s another way to go about being less negative in regular conversation. According to Dr. Bea, drop these words/phrases.  

  • Had to 

  • Have to 

  • Unhappy 

When you’re saying you had to or have to you’re implying coercion, a negative, often unnecessarily. When you use a term like unhappy you’re talking in absolutes. Are you really unhappy, or are you temporarily annoyed by something? He pointed out that we tend to exaggerate. By virtue of our tendencies to use this language, and engage in this type of conversation, we often spread and encourage negatively from others in conversation which becomes a perpetual cloud in our lives. In other words, if you can make these minor tweaks, you can also positively impact those around you as well. 



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