The first smart speaker war has been won by Amazon

The first smart speaker war has been won by Amazon 

Bottom Line: Smart speakers have been the single hottest technology product of the past year. A year ago, around 20 million households had a smart speaker. After the holidays around 39 million Americans had one in their house and most recently... Approximately 66 million American homes have one. That’s about 35% of all homes – not bad for a product that’s only been around for a couple of years. Google’s a major player in the space and Apple entered it earlier this year, but no company comes close to what Amazon’s been able to do. According to eMarketer, if you’re using one it’s likely Alexa you’re talking to. Here’s the most recent market share: 

  • Amazon: 67% 

  • Google: 29% 

  • Others (led by Apple and Sonos): 8% 

If you do some quick math you might realize that those numbers equal more than 100%. That’s because about 4% of homes have multiple smart speakers they’re using. What’s also pretty remarkable is that already more Americans are using smart speakers than using wearable technology – a category that’s been around years longer. The bottom line is that smart speaker technology has experienced the fastest adaptation of any consumer technology on record to date. Faster than computers, the internet, cell phones, smart phones, etc. For that reason, there’s a good chance that like all of the aforementioned categories, if you aren’t using it already you might in the future. Although in the future there’s a good chance the technology will be embedded in other products rather than specifically being stand-alone devices.  



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