Florida’s early voting update one week before Election Day

Florida’s early voting update one week before Election Day 

Bottom Line: Reading too much into any one particular voting stat is never a good idea. Elections are too complicated to get a good read of by any one stat. Early voting stats are relevant though as long as you don’t look for only what you want to look for and don’t get carried away with potential implications of who’s showing up to vote. With our primaries under a week away here’s what’s up across Florida.

As of Monday... 

  • Republicans: 475,973 (46%) - down 1% from yesterday 

  • Democrats: 423,409 (41%) - flat  

  • No party: 121,279 (12%) - flat 

  • 3rd Party: 3,422 (.03%) - flat  

There are more Democrats registered in Florida than Republicans. Republicans make up just 35% of the state's voter registration (to Democrats at 37%). Republicans are continuing their strong start with early voting in the primaries - which would seem to indicate that at the onset of Florida’s primary voting – there's plenty of enthusiasm on the right. With wide open primaries for Governor on both sides of the isle at the top of the ticket, this primary cycle is a pretty fair assessment of overall partisan enthusiasm. So far so good for Republicans. We’ll see if that continues. 



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