What’s really behind adults acting badly in Broward’s school board races

What’s really behind adults acting badly in Broward’s school board races 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: The school shooting in Parkland has sparked hostility at voting sites outside the city, with law enforcement responding to daily disputes between two School Board candidates and their supporters. 

Incumbent Laurie Rich Levinson faces a tough challenge from Richard Mendelson, a college professor and former teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, the site of the Feb. 14 tragedy. They’re competing for the District 6 seat, which includes Weston, Cooper City, Davie and part of Plantation. 

Levinson and her supporters have accused the Mendelson camp of overly aggressive campaign tactics, such as booing Levinson supporters, calling them “murderers” and invading their personal space. Mendelson supporters, who include families of several Stoneman Douglas victims, have accused Levinson’s supporters of wasting law enforcement resources with false allegations, yelling at them and making light of the pain of victims. 

The heated exchanges have been reported mostly at two early voting sites, the Weston Branch Library and the Davie/Cooper City Branch Library. Both sides say Davie police or Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies have been called at least once daily — and sometimes two or three times a day — since voting started Aug. 18. No arrests have been made. 

Hot Take: Let’s be clear about something. It wasn’t the shooting at Stoneman Douglas that caused this behavior as the story suggests. It’s adults acting poorly that has. It’s easy to use the emotion of the shooting as an excuse but that’s all it is. What’s worse is the example this sets for the kids. Isn’t that sadly ironic? For years we’d seen some of the worst elements in radical politics acting out in leftist bastions across the country – often being organized and paid for by labor unions and Soros backed groups. Unfortunately, enough of that mindset has migrated to South Florida that we have it showing up in our politics and elections as well.  

This type of hostility shows you what’s really on the line in these school board races. The control of the education that our kids receive. The control over of billions of dollars in the school budget, etc. Make no mistake. That’s what’s really behind all of this and it’s a reminder that all elections have consequences and whether it’s in Broward County or anywhere else in South Florida you should be informed, and you should cast your informed vote.  

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