When polling better than Obama means voters have disdain for you

When polling better than Obama means voters have disdain for you 

Excerpt: In a post-Labor Day briefing at the White House, a top Republican pollster told senior staff that the determining factor in the election wouldn't be the improving economy or the steady increase in job creation. It would be how voters feel about Trump. And the majority of the electorate, including a sizable percentage of Republican-leaning voters, doesn't feel good about the president, according to a presentation from pollster Neil Newhouse that spanned dozens of pages. 

Bottom Line: Maybe that’ll prove to be truth once we’ve voted and reflected on the results. I do have Democrats in the most likely position to control the House next year at this point based on the data we do have (although there’s nothing unusual in that regard given that Democrats will pick up 30 seats in the House this year if we simply have an average midterm election result). What I find most interesting is that this story is out on a day in which President Trump’s approval among likely voters, at 46%, is one point higher than President Obama’s approval rating at this date in his Presidency. Remember all of those similar headlines back in 2010 about Obama?  

It’s fascinating to watch and listen to openly dishonest, biased, characters in media spout the stuff they spout. I went back to the top news headlines of September 17th, 2010 to see what they looked like. Here are the ones pertaining to politics: 

Hmm. I guess it was just an oversight. Media isn’t going to give up its place of dishonest power easily. But I won’t give them a free pass as they struggle to continue to mislead. 



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