#MeToo taken too far

#MeToo taken too far 

Excerpt: One of the most telling comments about the perils facing Judge Brett Kavanaugh came from someone described as "a lawyer close to the White House," who told Politico that if Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination is defeated by an allegation of sexual assault, which the judge denies, "then you, me, every man certainly should be worried." The statement shows why the success of the #MeToo movement, despite being infinitely too late, is also an astonishing achievement. 

Bottom Line: The quote from “the lawyer close to the White House” confirms what I’ve been saying the entire week. An environment that’s unmanageable, chaotic and caters to accusers over justice. The origins of the #MeToo movement were effective and altruistic. With predators like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Larry Nasser, etc., operating for decades behind the scenes unchecked – the movement has doubtlessly saved countless future victims from the abuse the #MeToo victims suffered. Additionally, the culture change is profoundly different inside the organizations where these predators operated, it’s much less likely future Weinstein’s will have the same opportunity to prey on women going forward. But what we’re talking about is vastly different.  

As is often the case the pendulum has a tendency to swing too far. Any outcome that results in innocent people being presumed guilty is also predatory. It also happens to be literally Anti-American, as in anti our system of government, of presumed innocence until proven guilty. It’s an environment no honest and decent person should have to live in and one that’d be ungovernable. For those of us who have been victims of predators of this type of abuse – I’d say to judge Kavanaugh – Me Too. 



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