The latest witch hunt - Kavanaugh’s

The latest witch hunt - Kavanaugh’s 

Excerpt: Committee source says they’ve contacted five people alleged to be at party. 4 deny any knowledge of the party and allegations. 5th person - Dr. Ford - is the only one who has not provided them a statement. #Kavanaugh - Shannon Bream Fox News 

Bottom Line: The dearth of credible and honest reporting has reached epidemic proportions. Headline after headline this weekend read like NBC’s: Christine Blasey Ford, accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, agrees to Senate testimony 

Except even that isn’t even completely known to be true. And now we have another person that’s suggesting that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party and was involved in the arranging of drugs and alcohol for gang rapes? Seriously? Six FBI checks missed all of that? Brett’s denying this latest effort as well but as we’ve seen – stall tactics and baseless allegations have been effective in holding up his confirmation vote as of now. As of this entry we’re still no closer than we were last Monday in actuality but we are one week closer to the general election and just a week away from the start of this Supreme Court’s next session. Convenient. What’s more is what Shannon Bream shared that’s been buried in the news. As of now there remains zero – zero evidence or credibility to Christine Ford’s claims. There remains complete credibility in Kavanaugh’s claims and with corroborating witness claims – including his girlfriend at the time which backs up his claims. So, let’s reset what we have in front of us right now.  

We have two people (three with the latest accusation). One is lying and one’s telling the truth. The burden of proof is on the accuser. The accuser, as of now, has no proof and no corroborating evidence or witnesses. The accused, without the burden of proof, has supporting witness that corroborate his account. It is outrageous that this charade continues and that the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh is being handled this way in the news media and by politicians that should bring his nomination up to a vote. 



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