Success isn’t partisan

Success isn’t partisan 

Bottom Line: This is where it’s time to apply my saying that there are two sides to every story but one side to every fact. Here’s a fact. If you don’t think the US economic system is fair, you’re wrong and you need to seek information from credible sources who know what the heck they’re talking about. There’s nothing political about the ability to achieve success in this country. Ironically the richest Americans happen all to lean left politically.  

  1. Jeff Bezos 

  2. Warren Buffet 

  3. Bill Gates 

But here’s the more important point. The median world per capita income is $10,298. In the United States you can’t even legally work full-time and earn less than $16,120 over a year. Yes, the minimum wage in the United States, which as I demonstrated last week is only earned by .6%, is about 60% higher than the median income around the world. Let that sink in for a minute. Saying that the US isn’t fair is to completely lack perspective and understanding. It is possible for the poorest person in this country to become the richest. It is possible a black child from the poorest neighborhood in the country to become the most renowned neurosurgeon in the world. It’s happened and it happens. But it happens here, not there, no matter where there is. Any questions? 



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