Climate credibility at the UN? They’ve never had any

Climate credibility at the UN? They’ve never had any 

Excerpt: According to today’s IPCC report we now have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe. That might not sound long, but it means we are a good deal further away from doom that we were in 2007, when the WWF said we had five years to save the world. The doomsday clock hadn’t moved in 2011 when the International Energy Agency warned us that we had five years to start slashing carbon emissions or lose the chance forever. By last year it had shortened to three years, according to Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. But now it’s right up at 12 years, presumably meaning that we can pretty twiddle our thumbs until 2030 – a whole 18 years after the WWF told us the world would come to an end if we didn’t slash carbon emissions. 

Bottom Line: If you were wrong, way wrong, for your entire professional career how would you feel? Would you somewhere along the way feel compelled to pursue a new path or just continue to mislead people year after year? Of course, in the politics of climate science, it doesn’t matter how wrong they’ve always been and they’ll never be the ones to point out how wrong they’ve been. They’ll simply continue to issue more of the same to attempt to exact political outcomes. Long before the UN was issuing the false predictions cited in this story we have the global cooling age of the 1970’s.  

June 24th, 1974 Time Published the story: Another Ice Age 

April 28th, 1975 Newsweek published the story: The Cooling World  

Back then we were headed towards another ice age, when that didn’t happen it became the fear of the elimination of the ozone layer in the 80’s and early 90’s. And of course, since then it’s been all of this. The one constant truth is climate change. The world was and is always changing. We’ve had ice ages and periods of extreme heat which have included a minimum of three mass extinction events. All before humans. But rather than being honest and truthful in context the radical climate science crowd produces false claims and predictions one after another like some kind of religious cult that’s constantly predicting Armageddon. That’s your United Nations. Nikki Haley was about the only good thing that happened there. Now that she’s on her way out how about we sell off the real-estate and stop subsidizing this kind of nonsense?

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