Actions & words demonstrate Andrew Gillum’s political core

In Florida’s Governor’s race, actions and words demonstrate Andrew Gillum’s political core 

Excerpt: In Gillum’s stead, De Blasio appeared in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Pompano Beach Saturday. In Miami Gardens, De Blasio spoke to more than 50 Democratic supporters, most dressed in blue and carrying Gillum for Governor signs. Rallying volunteers preparing to launch their full-on canvassing efforts, De Blasio told them if people argue that elections don’t matter, ask them if they’ve been alive for the past two years. 

Bottom Line: I’ll side-step the “more than 50 Democratic supporters”, I don’t know what’s most lame, Bill De Blasio coming to South Florida to make stops with fewer people on hand than the next flight from South Florida to New York, or media’s desire to make that sound impressive. Regardless, there’s an ironic point that de Balsio made unintentionally. De Blasio told them if people argue that elections don’t matter, ask them if they’ve been alive for the past two years. Exactly. The best economy in a generation, record low unemployment rates for blacks, Hispanics, native Americans and women. Biggest increase in net take home pay in 32 years, etc. Elections do matter and in Florida we’ve recovered from the recession better than any other state do to generally good decisions in state-wide elections and our economy has been the 2nd best overall performer on a relative basis since the recession.  

Florida ranks 25th in overall political makeup, right in the middle. But here’s de Blasio in a state won by Donald Trump, a state where Trump maintains a positive approval rating and has been prospering, advocating policy from a state that has averaged 1.1% economic growth rate since the recession. Another friend of Andrew Gillum’s. Bernie Sanders, Bill de Blasio, and Octavio Cortez. We’re talking about the most radical of radical leftists politically. These are the people who speak for Andrew Gillum and believe in his policies. Andrew denies that he’s a Democratic-Socialist yet his policy positions and those who speak for him are... So, who’s telling the truth here? There is more on the line in Florida’s gubernatorial election than at any time in at least modern political history. 

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