Weekend Rewind: The Caravan Exposed – Who's really behind it

The Caravan Exposed – Who's really behind it 

Bottom Line: Dishonest media that’s more interested in attempting to aid Democrats in the midterms than to do their jobs; have taken to the caravan to portray sob stories. This in an effort to combat President Trump’s concerns about security and the character of people within the caravan. First, let’s be clear. There are no legitimate asylum seekers. Mexico offered the opportunity to pursue asylum for those in the caravan and all who marched forward rejected it and set their sights on the United States.  

Illegal activity comes in many forms. Occasionally some accidents happen, and the law is broken. Often there’s criminal intent as a form of premeditation. What those in the dishonest media don’t want you to know is that every member of that caravan that’s old enough to decide for themselves is comprised of well-organized political activists set on premeditated criminal activity against the United States. About the well-organized thing.  

The Caravan is bought and paid for by Pueblo Sin Fronteras - standing for "People Without Borders" or Village Without Borders. On their website http://www.pueblosinfronteras.org/ they depict exactly how this came to be. Want to be a part of their criminal caravan? There’s literally a tab for that! In fact, they were the key organizers behind the two previous illegal caravans (they have pictures and information archived). As for the effort to organize this one... It started with a “March and Rally” June 16th in Glendale, California. Next up an event in San Francisco, California July 28th. August 25th they held another “Families without Borders” event in San Francisco. Next up September 15th in San Diego, September 16th in San Diego and Los Angeles, California and most recently September 29th at the ICE Detention Center in San Diego. Yes, they held a rally, protest, concert at the ICE Detention Center.  

Evidently at that point they’d raised the needed money canvassing the sanctuary state known as California and it was game on in Honduras. There are two sides to stories and one-side to facts. These are them. This is how dishonest media really is that they haven’t brought this to you. Everything I shared is simply from doing some research and pulling information from their website. 

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