2019 Population changes – hundreds of thousands have flocked to Florida

2019 Population changes by state – hundreds of thousands have flocked to Florida 

Bottom Line: By now we’re used to living were the rest of the country seemingly wants to be. Yeah, we have annoying traffic, elevated concerns about crime and hurricane season to worry about but...the weather, the beaches and no state income taxes. That’s literally not a combination you get anywhere except Texas (and no Texas beaches don’t hold a candle to ours). That’s the perfect way to segue into this story.  

Texas and Florida far and away led the country in population growth last year according the latest from the Census. Texas led the way with Florida a close second – more than doubling the population growth from any state in the country. Texas added more than 379,000 people while we added over 322,500 people last year. Or to put it another way... 

  • 884 more Floridians per day 

Much of this is happening through migration. Last year the US population grew by .6%. In Florida we added 1.5%, or two and half times greater growth, than the national average. There were nine states with overall declines in population. Speaking of which the states with the biggest declines... Illinois and New York. Where do you think those people ended up? So, let's see. Two states with no state income tax and business friendly governments gained the most people and two states with high tax burdens and heavy-handed state governments lost the most. Think it’s a coincidence? Once again, if this is you...welcome. We’re happy to have you but please leave your left leaning politics behind. If you came here to enjoy low taxes and a good economy, you’ll need to vote for the people who’ve created it, or you’ll simply get more of the same (albeit with better weather and beaches).

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