Q&A of the day – How to make a difference politically

Brian Mudd’s Q&A of the day – How to make a difference politically 

It’s the Q&A of the day. Each day I’ll feature a listener question that’s been submitted by one of these methods.  

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Feel free to shoot away with your questions and I’ll do my best to keep up. Today’s question comes from Robert. 

Just listened to your dissertation on the cost to US taxpayers for Federal Employees…….$15K per household burns me up. Talk about over paid and underworked!!! AHHH. 

So, how the hell can we, the people reign this Cluster in??? It is quite obvious, voting; while a sacred privilege, has not seemed to fix squat. 

Case and point: if you give us the house, we can accomplish a lot. Well, if you give us the Senate, we can really get things done….We really need to have the White House in order to reach our goals………….Horse Hockey!!!! 

Nothing got done. At any level of government; corruption excluded and not eradicated or prosecuted…does Brenda Snipes come to mind??? 

So, that being said, do you have any thoughts, additional opinions or solutions???? Please note, in this day and age, I have considered getting into the political ring. My hold back is being married. I in no way would think of subjecting my wife to the nasty mudslinging that would most definitely occur. 

Bottom Line: The frustration is heard loud and clear. First, most constructively I’d disagree that nothing of conservative consequence was accomplished other than efforts to combat corruption over the past couple of years. Tax reform, 2 Supreme Court Justices, the end of the individual mandate/health care tax and somewhere north of 3,000 fewer erroneous regulations on businesses is a huge accomplishment. It’s paved the path for the best economy in a generation and biggest increase in take home pay since Reagan was in office. But yes, given the view of the possible I understand the frustration that more, including the border wall funding, wasn’t accomplished.  

My thoughts and proposed solutions are related to using this as a teachable moment. Because of federal withholding we’ve been conditioned to “accept” whatever money we’re allowed to keep after the federal government has already taken our tax payment to them. Were we to have to cut checks totaling $15,200 per year per household to pay for the federal government employees who earn an average total compensation of $128,000 each, I’d guarantee there would be overwhelming momentum to dramatically reduce the size and waste of the federal government regardless of traditional political leanings. The key here is to educate others that we are paying that much for federal employees. Would you/they rather have some of that money back or would you prefer to continue to operate the status quo federal government having to pay over $15k per year just to staff the bureaucracy? Or more to today’s specific situation.  

If we never ended the current federal government shutdown, that most Americans haven’t seen touched or felt, it would bring per household savings of $3,800 and we’d run an estimated federal surplus of $200 billion dollars this year. Would you/they rather have $3,800 more of their money in their pocket and a budget surplus or would they rather pay that $3,800 and run an estimated $800 billion deficit?  

Additionally, on the topic of civic education. The only mandated responsibility of the federal government is defense of the American people and basic infrastructure. Only 18% of the federal government falls into this category. Border security/national security is essential. The border patrol has petitioned for years for the construction of additional fencing/walls on the southern border so they can more effectively and safely perform their jobs. Is it appropriate to deny those tasked with providing national security the resources they say they need while more than 8 out of 10 dollars the politicians do want to spend aren’t essential? Would they want their loved ones put in that position on the southern border?  

It is anti-the US Constitution, i.e. anti-American for congress to not provide the resources needed by those tasked with our defense. How can that be justified? The reason that we have the existing border wall along our southern border is due to previous bi-partisan support of it based on similar requests from our border security. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and numerous other current and former Democrats voted previously to build what we have. Why not now? How is this not placing politics above country? 

Take, read and share this with others. Education is the key. Also, the civic engagement you hinted at is huge if one day you do decide to run. Every race, local to federal, should have credible competition.  

Until tomorrow's Q&A... Hit me up with your questions or topics.

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