You'll get your tax refund. More fake news exposed

You won’t get your tax refund due to the partial government shutdown? More fake news exposed  

Excerpt: A Trump administration official said Monday that federal income tax refunds would indeed go out despite a large part of the government being shut down. 

Russell T. Vought, acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, told reporters about the development in a briefing. 

There have been growing concerns that tax refunds might not go out in time as 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay as President Donald Trump and Congress are mired in a standoff over funding for a southern border wall. 

About 12 percent of IRS staff are expected to continue working through a shutdown, according to the agency’s plan. 

Bottom Line: The effort to perpetuate status quo government has been constant by the left and their allies in news media. During the Obama administration, when President Obama deliberately took action to ensure Americans would feel the impact of them (such as spending more money to close National Parks than it would have cost to keep them open), it was easier for willing big government MSM types to fuel the fire of our “need” for all of the status quo federal government.   

Eighteen days into a quarter of the federal government being inactive and most Americans wouldn’t even have a clue it’s happening if it weren’t in the news. For this reason, the fake news MSM types have been working overtime to attempt to conjure up anything to make you scared into supporting the bloated status quo bureaucracy. Enter the fear of the tax refund. Fake news MSM types thought they were onto something with this one. Surely the fear of not getting a tax refund would do the trick. As quickly as this fraudulent information was being served up, I dispelled it. Under no circumstance was it or has it been possible for tax refunds to potentially be impacted by the partial government shutdown. The earliest day you can even file your taxes is January 29th. That means that we’re three weeks away from the first possible inclination as to if there’d be an impact. And due to the fake news being spread in mass – the administration has laid it to rest. No impact to tax refunds. I’m sure we’ll receive several days’ worth of retractions and corrections from the outlets spreading the false information. But that’s not the only point here.  

Just as we’re running the country on a quarter less government without much of an impact – what does it tell you that 88% of the IRS can be furloughed and there’s no impact on tax refunds? Think there’s any room for slimming that agency down? Additionally, a significant part of the reason this is possible is due to the simplicity of filing under the new tax law. As I mentioned to you on December 26th, 2017 (links below): There is a near doubling of the standard deduction (Along with other changes in the plan the net effect would be much simpler tax filing for most who currently itemize. 32% of Americans currently itemize. That would likely drop to only around 6%). 

With a greater than 80% decline in those filing itemized deductions it’ll make the process much easier for the IRS as well. Once again there are two sides to stories and one side to facts. I’ll continue to provide the facts while the MSM continue to provide you with the fake news.

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