Conservatives, liberals & the rest of Americans – The United States in 2019

Conservatives, liberals and the rest of Americans – The United States in 2019 (and where Florida fits in) 

Bottom Line: What’s your perception of the country today? Are we generally trending liberal? Is there a conservative undercurrent that’s rising up again below the news headlines? Are we generally a more conservative or liberal country? We have new information on all of this and there’s a good chance that at least some of your perception isn’t what’s real and there’s likely confirmation of some of what you’ve witnessed as well.  

Here’s the first change in our political bend...none. There was no change in political tendencies among Americans. As a country our self-I'd political preferences are exactly where they were a year ago and it’s looks like this.  

  • 39% moderate 
  • 35%: conservative 
  • 26%: liberal

These are the exact same splits as a year ago. The United States remains a center-right country that’s 9% more conservative than liberal. But there was one change that continued to play out politically. If you’ve been observing that Democrats seem to be moving farther left – you're right. While the percentage of Americans who ID as liberals is unchanged, for the first time ever, most Democrats ID as being liberals. Once upon a time liberals were more commonly derived from a collection of third-party organizations like The Green Party or Socialists, etc. Not anymore... The Democrats willingness to embrace the hard left like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez has served its purpose to consolidate liberals within its ranks. I’ve shared the similarities between the fight for the soul of the Republican party which waged war for years between the Tea Party and the GOP establishment before Donald Trump smashed the party and remade it his way. It’s increasingly evident that process is very much following a similar path for Democrats. I wouldn’t be shocked if the eventual 2020 nominee is a name we’re not talking about right now.

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