What major issue do Americans most agree on...? Illegal Immigration

Revisited: What major issue do Americans most agree on...? Illegal Immigration 

In November I brought you this story on back of the media uproar regarding the Honduran Caravan standoff at the southern border. It’s worth revisiting again during this partial government shutdown. Once again, we see that the coverage in the media and the daily effort for one-sided coverage in opposition to border wall funding doesn’t represent the desire of most Americans – and certainly not our border patrol. 

Excerpt: Eight out of 10 voters nationwide believe that illegal immigration is bad for America. A poll conducted by ScottRasmussen.com and HarrisX two days after the incident found that just 25 percent of voters believe Border Patrol's actions are too harsh on illegal immigrants. A plurality (43 percent) believe that Border Patrol is too lenient. 

The poll also found that Mexico's offer of asylum should be enough for migrants who are truly trying to escape from persecution. Since they have already been provided with a safe haven, just 38 percent of voters think the migrants should still be eligible for asylum in the United States. Americans overwhelmingly support legal immigration. They cherish our heritage as a land of immigrants. Eighty-one percent say it's good for the nation. 

Bottom Line: This is all part of the incredible information disconnect between the real America, the pathetic excuse for news coverage that most news organizations spew and the failure of our elected officials to do what we want them to do.  

Because the country quickly jumps to political corners when certain key words like “the wall” are mentioned based on how they feel about President Trump, it’s clear that even a solid majority of Democrats would have supported something like it had Barak Obama proposed it instead. Oh wait, he did as he discussed illegal immigration as an issue in 2006 and he even voted to fund the expansion of the existing border wall along with Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and a number of other eventual political hypocrites. But did the news media do their job and point any of this out? Nope.  

So, here’s the dilemma... Almost everyone in the real America wants to end illegal immigration. Politicians on both sides want to use it as a political issue. Over 90% of news media has a political preference to oppose the President and won’t factually provide you with information about what’s actually happening regarding our border and the real issues. Most Americans won’t demand accountability from politicians because they break to their party of choice causing gridlock rather than supporting what’s necessary because to create the political will and change because it’d mean uniting behind President Trump. How about we rebrand it as the Border Patrol’s wall? After all that’s who wants this the most as they put their lives on the front lines daily. 

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