Will the XFL become the destination for high school players?

Will the XFL finally be the destination for athletes who aren’t interested in being students? 

Bottom Line: It’s still over a year away from being a reality but Vince McMahan's relaunch of the XFL in 2020 could prove to have a big impact on the future of football. While many, including Vince, have suggested that the NFL is the upstart league’s competition because it’ll be a professional league...the biggest impact could potentially be in college.  

In recent years the idea of college athletes being paid has gained momentum but it’s nowhere near becoming a reality. This while, truth be told, many if not most, college football players have zip, zero interest in academics. The idea of a student athlete has long been bastardized as college football has been used as the minor leagues of the NFL for decades. Not only is that a farce in my view, it’s also created victims that are never known and never heard from. Would be legitimate student athletes denied scholarship opportunities in college and the ability to continue to play the game while being focused on higher education as well.  

The XFL is already promoting the idea that if high school grads want to get paid right away and continue to play the game without the education they’re not interested in – they'll be the destination. I’m hoping it’s a huge success. The college football cabal would be a loser but everyone else would win.

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