Immigration policy and a crisis at the southern border

About immigration policy and a crisis at the southern border 

Bottom Line: Lookup any current polling about the partial government shutdown and you’ll gleefully see media outlets left and right talking up more Americans blaming President Trump for the partial government shutdown than Congressional Democrats. Given the coverage it’s no surprise. But here’s the thing. Does “blame” necessarily equal bad? News media coverage is so predictably negative of President Trump that often they operate on their own series of assumptions. In this case, that while a majority of Americans may “blame” President Trump for the shutdown, they also may well believe that what he’s fighting for is worth it (and also that a partial government shutdown isn’t as inherently negative as news media perceives it to be). Here are a few related points from Morning Consult. 

On the question as to if there’s a crisis at the Southern Border... 

  • By a margin of 42% to 37% voters believe there is a crisis at the southern border 

That’s five percent more voters who believe President Trump is right about our Southern Border than Democrats. But that’s just one figure. Take approval ratings for a moment. While media will gleefully point out that President Trump’s approval rating is hanging out in the low 40’s (with CNN at 37% - consider the source – they had Gillum up on DeSantis by double-digits) guess where Speaker Pelosi and Minority leader Schumer are hanging out...Pelosi - 34% and Schumer – 31%. So, if more Americans think Trump’s right about the southern border situation and more approve of him than both Democratic leaders what does that tell you?  

And that’s the rest of the story...

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