Who’s winning the shutdown?

Who’s winning the shutdown? President Trump's ratings and how they compare to Pelosi and Schumer 

Bottom Line: This is a weekly story to get a reality/temperature check regarding what's really going on with public opinion of the President and our view of the direction of the country. First here's the high point, low point and current ratings for President Trump...    

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 37% approval and 59% disapproval: -22% (8/4/17)            
  • Trump highest approval ratings 45% approval and 43% disapproval (1/27/17): +2%                          
  • Trump's current ratings: 42% approval and 55% disapproval: -13%    

President Trump’s approval rating is finally taking a hit as the partial government shutdown wears on but he’s still off just two points from a week ago. Given the full court press by media (The Media Research Center’s latest report showed 90% of Trump coverage has been negative thus far in 2019) to tear the President down and mired in the longest partial government shutdown in history – many are probably surprised he’s holding up so well. But he is. The rest of the story you’ll never be told by news media is instructive as well.  

How well are the Democratic leaders holding up in all of this? Let’s just say they’d need a huge push of support to simply catch President Trump’s approval ratings. Here’s the latest... 

  • Pelosi: 35% 
  • Schumer: 31% 

So, what does that tell you about what’s really going on in this country? It’s just not what you get in the news media.  

Also, as has been the case throughout his term thus far, the more informed and engaged someone is politically – the more likely they are to approve of President Trump.     

  • With adult only samples his rating over the past week averaged: 40%                    
  • Registered voters: 43%                                             
  • Likely voters: 44%                                          

Looking at the direction of the country this week...                             

Where we stood on Inauguration Day:                                                            

  • Right Direction: 30%                                                               
  • Wrong Track: 59%                                                               
  • Net: -29%                                                                                          


  • Right Direction: 36%                                            
  • Wrong Track: 58%                                                             
  • Net: -22%      

Change: +7% under Trump    

This is where we’re seeing the negativity wash through with the political noise of the day and ongoing standoff. Though even in the mist of the longest government shutdown in US history – we're more optimistic than we were during the Obama administration and actually a couple of points higher than a week ago. Go figure, right? It’s almost as if there’s life beyond the federal government...

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