New age customer service - the fastest way to get results

New age customer service - the fastest way to get results 

Bottom Line: For years people have taken to digital methods to complain about a product or service. In the age of social media, it’s been increasingly popular for people to attempt to get results by “shaming” companies or organizations to address your complaint publicly. If you’re wondering what works and the fastest way to get results a new study from Qualtrics tells the story.  

First, they studied adults to find out what their perceptions were about customer service resolution. Here’s what they found.  

  • 85% of adults do think that feedback matters to companies 
  • 40% think companies will act on it 

In other words, almost all of us do think companies/organizations care about what we think but most don’t think they’ll do anything differently if we complain. So, what’s real and how can you generally get the best results? Here’s the order of the way we’re most likely to complain to a company about service in 2019... 

  1. Email 
  2. Call 
  3. Social media 

Here’s the order of the fastest results... 

  1. Social media 
  2. Call  
  3. Email 

So, what we’re most likely to do is actually the least effective and what we’re least likely to do is the most effective. That’s the first take away. Here’s the next in terms of finding the best/fastest way to get results. If social media is the fastest way to get a company or organization to respond what’s the most effective social platform for results? Not all companies or organizations may use all of these platforms but for the one’s that do:  

  1. LinkedIn  
  2. Instagram 
  3. Twitter 
  4. Facebook

What’s also interesting here is that Facebook’s the most likely place people will contact companies about an issue and LinkedIn’s the least likely and yet LinkedIn’s the most effective and Facebook the least. If you’re wondering if you’ll hear back the news is pretty good. And as for the most responsive industries... Believe it or not, service providers for mobile, internet and TV services are the best and fastest. It appears they know they have PR issues and are working to at least be responsive generally. The least responsive? Government services. There’s a shocker, right? And no, the partial government shutdown wasn’t a factor in the study. 

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