Susan Bucher – the latest failure of South Florida media

Susan Bucher – the latest failure of South Florida media to report objectively 

Bottom Line: I’ve recently received notes thanking me for my diligence in covering and staying with the Susan Bucher story while no one else in South Florida media did. It’s been suggested to me that my persistence might have made the difference. I don’t know if that’s the case and I don’t really care as long as there’s accountability. What I do care about is the lack of objective reporting taking place when local media does choose to address the topic. Starting with the initial reporting of Susan Bucher’s resignation Monday night, the reporting has been painfully inadequate. A couple of notable examples are these stories from the Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post:

Both address Governor DeSantis removing Susan Bucher, and both state her claim that she won’t challenge because of her perceived political bias. That’s the end of the stories. What they omit is the truth. That Susan Bucher violated a minimum of six Florida Election laws, two of which were acknowledged in court, and a minimum of three instances of voter fraud, one of which was acknowledged in court. Breaking the law isn’t political bias. Having a court acknowledge broken laws and voter fraud isn’t a conspiracy theory. Its what Susan Bucher’s office did during the November elections. It’s also completely missing from news reporting in South Florida. I’ve painstakingly detailed the statues that were broken and have shared them for anyone to see and use a minimum of five times since the election. Has anyone else chosen to follow up with their own reporting? Has anyone bothered to include this information in any of this updated reporting? 

Here’s my biggest concern. South Florida has a rampant history of corrupt and challenged public officials. We have a news media that’s largely uninterested with holding public officials accountable even when there’s clear evidence of wrong doing, court documented no less... This while they’re willing to provide the perpetrator’s excuses as the other side of the story. I’m happy and willing to be the lone voice in accountability if needed but my bigger concern is what’s missed because of a local news media disinterested in accountability. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that if you come across information locally you think should be addressed that you bring it to my attention, and I’ll do what I can with my limited time and resources to find answers. And as for Susan Bucher, she should consider herself fortunate that it appears as though she won’t personally be charged in connection with the laws broken and voter fraud committed. 

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