To suspend or not to suspend Broward School Board members?

To suspend or not to suspend Broward School Board members? That is the question

Excerpt: Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is considering suspending Broward School Board members over the Parkland shooting and hopes to make a decision in the next few weeks. DeSantis said Wednesday he does not think he has the authority to suspend the appointed superintendent, Robert Runcie, but he is exploring other (possibilities).

Bottom Line: I’ve listened to Governor DeSantis’s language very closely over the past couple of months. I’ve observed that every time he’s paid rhetorical homage to an injustice, even in passing, it’s been purposeful. For example, I inferred from his Inaugural speech the use of “counties” rather than county (with electoral issues) was an indication that Susan Bucher would soon follow Brenda Snipes out of office.  

Looking back through his speech he’s already taken action on more than half of what he outlined in it. Pretty remarkable but also crystal clear that if he says something, he means it and he’s prepared to take action. Here’s what didn’t happen in that speech. There’s wasn’t any clear tell on the Broward School Board or Superintendent Runcie. Here’s the closest he would have come: --- If a local official is neglectful of required duties, I will remove the official.

Governor DeSantis did use the term neglectful in removing Scott Israel from office but hasn’t used that term to specifically describe Superintendent Runcie, whom he’s acknowledged he can’t suspend because he’s appointed by the Broward School Board, or school board members themselves. But if we’ve learned anything in the first few weeks of the DeSantis administration, he isn’t looking into potentially holding Broward School Board members “accountable” because he’s board. So, what might happen? 

There are two school board members that stand out among the rest...Laurie Rich Levinson and Patti Good. As recently as last October they were the only two who rated Superintendent Runice with the highest rating of “highly effective”. While others were supportive on the board, Levinson and Good would seemingly be the ones with the most exposure were the governor to take action. 

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