Get ready for the political “experts” to get it wrong again in 2020

Get ready for the political “experts” to get it wrong again in 2020

Excerpt: Hispanic voters are projected to be the largest minority group in the electorate for the first time on record in 2020, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center.

The Hispanic population is expected to account for 13 percent of all eligible voters — a slightly larger share than African-Americans, and 9 percentage points greater than Asian-Americans.

Pew researchers said the historic shift, which is partially linked to an uptick in immigration and naturalization patterns, “likely has political implications,” as nonwhite voters are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates.

“Almost certainly, this is good news for Democratic candidates,” said Alan Abramowitz, an Emory University political science professor who studies public opinion and election voting behavior. “I don’t see Trump saying or doing anything that’s going to improve his showing among Hispanic voters. He seems to be trying to alienate them.”

Bottom Line: It’s always been fascinating to me how dumb many smart people turn out to be. You don’t become a political science professor at Emory by being an idiot. This professor is simply the latest example that you can be a fool. As I’ve pointed out for years now, “Hispanic” means about 30 different things based on the background, heritage, perspective and concerns of the individual. Anyone who simply hears “Hispanic” and says good for Democrats, is without a question, a fool. 

Exhibit A, as I accurately made the case for last fall, is Florida. Florida’s Hispanic voting block is the largest both in total number and percentage of the electorate in our state’s history and yet we have a Republican governor and two Republican US Senators for the first time since 1868. And there’s the reason behind it. Evidence suggests that the reason DeSantis’s margin of victory was more than 30,000 votes greater than Scott’s in the Senate race were the added concerns about Andrew Gillum’s socialistic tendencies. Many Hispanics know far more about the dangers of socialism than born Americans, or multi-generation American families. As Democrats move ever further in that direction as a party – the more likely they are to lose support of those who’ve fled socialism previously. 



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