About The Green New Deal

About AOC’s Green New Deal

Bottom Line: I guess my first question for AOC and company is if they’ve decided what’s actually in their plan? After an interesting rollout that included staffers allegedly posting a draft version, that wasn’t a final draft online and the chief adviser contradicting himself twice in two days as to whether those who’re unwilling to work will receive welfare as part of the plan... I’m waiting for the moment when Nancy Pelosi goes full Affordable Care Act on us and tells us that we’ll have to pass the Green New Deal to find out what’s in it. It’s hard to analyze a plan when you don’t know what’s exactly in it but this one’s easier than most. It’s based on a false premise. That the federal government has the answers and provides efficient solutions for a cleaner country. 

First question for you. Do you think the average American produces...

A) More pollution than ten years ago

B) Less pollution than ten years ago

C) About the same

If you answered “B”, you’d be correct. The average American produces 20% less carbon output today compared to a decade ago according to the Federal Energy Administration. In fact, we just reached our lowest levels of carbon output per capita in 67 years. Here’s the irony. Capitalism is the answer. I’ve never met someone who said they wanted to waste a bunch of money on gas and electricity and pollute as much as possible. So, as technology gets better, our society becomes more efficient. Literally every time a car dies or an appliance around the home dies, we’re becoming generally more efficient and environmentally friendly as a country and magically without the government making us do it. Imagine that. 

So, until technology stops advancing, or we decide we really do want to waste money on energy and pollute the environment for the hell of it – we do have our new green deal. It’s called capitalism.

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