Abolish the Florida Constitution Revision Commission?

Didn’t like the Florida Constitution Revision Commission? You could have a chance to do away with them

Bottom Line: If you didn’t like the way that the majority of proposed Constitutional Amendments were cobbled together last year, you might not like the Constitution Revision Commission. The commission, which only gathers once every 20 years, has a tendency to attempt to get a lot of major policy passed when it is assembled. Seven of last year’s 12 proposed amendments were their handy work.

After last year’s aggressive agenda, which was largely successful (as each proposal the Revision Commission was able to place on the ballot passed), some state legislators decided to take action against the Commission. Yesterday, in the state senate, a proposal to abolish the Florida Constitution Revision Commission unanimously passed committee. Should this proposal pass the state legislature it’d actually have to go to a constitutional vote on next year’s general election ballot. 

What do you think? Should it stay or should it go?

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