Border Crisis Revisited

Border Crisis Revisited

Bottom Line: Yesterday I brought you the stunning research that we currently have as many asylum seekers in the pipeline as we averaged over the course of 15 years prior to 2018. I also shared with you that 92% of recent asylum seekers are denied access, meaning they lack legitimate claims and are simply crashing our border as part of a greater organized effort to overwhelm our system in the hope of taking advantage of it. But wait, there’s actually more to the story. 

Mainstream news media would have you think that those in these caravans are exclusively from Central and South America. According to the latest from the Border Patrol – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Within the past week the Border Patrol has detained people from 50 different countries. 

Here’s a quote from Border Patrol Chief Rodolfo Karisch before Congress:

“People are traveling across hemispheres to attempt to illegally enter the U.S., using the same pathways as the Central Americans”

Does anyone else find this alarming? Yet, where’s the coverage? We have over 800,000 people attempting to access our country, 92% of which are illegals and from at least 50 different countries. And South Florida’s Representatives are interested in playing politics in Homestead. What’s happening here isn’t just a crisis, a National Emergency, it’s much worse.Members of Congress are acting in their own personal political interests at the expense of our safety. They’re violating their oath of office and becoming part of the problem themselves. Independent of your political party of choice I can’t imagine that you’d find it acceptable to subject your children to gang members and potential terrorists from around the world. So why would you accept that risk from your representative in the name of politics? And do you really believe them over the people in the field apprehending these people daily? This is too important to play politics and it’s important that you make your voice heard.



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