2020 Update – The pointless polling in April 2019

2020 Update – The pointless polling in April 2019

Bottom Line: There’s no shortage of useless polling that takes place politically. Yes, some of it really does matter, provided you know how to use it in context, but none of that has ever happened in April in the year prior to a Presidential election. Regardless, with a record number of Democrats already in the race, 20 and counting, it’s not only topped the Republican field of 17 from the 2016 cycle – it's leading to endless polling that we’re presented with as though it means something day in and day out. Let me be clear – as I’ve already said it’s pointless. Truly pointless. If you question what I’m saying, consider this... Here is the polling on the Republican primary candidates from April 23rd 2015. 

  • #1 Rubio
  • #2 Bush
  • #3 Walker

Do you know where Trump was? Aside from not having yet entered the race, he was tied for 15th with 1%. Any questions? The point is this. There is no point to what you hear in polling day in and day out right now. It’s why I won’t address, despite some who’ve asked me to comment. So, when does it start to matter? As we approach the debates. At that point it matters for two reasons. There will likely be polling used to determine who gets to participate in the debates – especially with a field of 20+ and it can begin to determine which campaigns are able to effectively fund raise and which ones won’t be able to make it happen. Until then, do yourself a favor and forget the 2020 polls. 



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