Border Update – Asylum seekers are almost all illegal immigrants

Immigration update – Asylum seekers are almost all illegal immigrants

Bottom Line: Another week, another concluded month and yet more record illegal immigration. While we recently exposed and prevented the transfer and release of illegal immigrants into Broward and Palm Beach Counties – it's still happening along the border and with states as far north as New York. According to the DHS’s latest report here’s what we know... 

  • 190,500 illegal immigrants seeking asylum have been detained and released in the US since December 21st
  • 87% of these individuals haven’t shown up for court appearances as promised at the time of their release
  • Only 12% who do show up are determined to be legitimate asylum seekers

Let’s boil this down for a moment. 

  • Out of more than a 190k asylum seekers caught and released,fewer than 25k have shown up to asylum hearings
  • Of them fewer than 3,000 were legit seekers

Here’s the final number for you based on current border trends... Ready for it? It’s the most telling yet. Putting all of this together here’s the bottom line...

  • Only 1.5% of asylum seekers are legit

In other words, 98.5% of seekers caught and released in our country are illegal immigrants. We’ve never come close to experiencing anything like this in our country’s history. Had the program moved forward in South Florida, we would have introduced around 985 illegal immigrants into our community per month. While it’s a good thing we got it stopped here – it's a crisis everywhere this is playing out across the country. The need for additional resources and physical barriers at the border has never been clearer. 

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