Google – Digital corruption exposed by Project Veritas

First Pinterest, Now Google – Digital corruption exposed by Project Veritas

Bottom Line: Recently a Pinterest insider exposed bias within the Pinterest organization to Project Veritas. This one’s much bigger. Yesterday Project Veritas released an expose with a Google Insider who revealed the programmed bias and agenda at Google. The initiative machine learning AI, called ML fairness, which has been in force at Google starting in 2017 is aimed at “Preventing another Donald Trump situation”. Google’s search results and autocomplete returns are being programmed by a series of algorithms that contain multiple layers of subjectivity programmed based on what Google has determined is “fair”. Specifically, conservatives and news talk are specifically targeted by Google’s algorithms. A top Google programming executive was recorded by Project Veritas clearly articulating the importance of “stopping Donald Trump”. In fact, she’s admitted to back testing Google search results to see if the changes they’ve made would have resulted in a different election result in 2016. 

It’s not just direct and overt political bias. It’s also social bias. This was demonstrated through these initial searches. Type these in but don’t hit enter and see what the auto populate feature suggests...

Men Can 

The top autofill options are “have babies” & “get pregnant”

This just in. The top search results actually sought by what men can do aren’t about having babies or getting pregnant. Ironically enough when you search

Women Can

The top autofill options are “vote”, “do it”, “do anything”

In fact, no offering for having babies or getting pregnant populates for women. Just a coincidence, right? After all there’s no doubt more men are trying to figure out how they can become pregnant than women. You get the point. It’s not conspiracy. It’s real and it’s documented by Project Veritas once again. Here’s link to the video:

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