Florida's Medical Marijuana boom

Florida’s Medical Marijuana boom

Bottom Line: The medical marijuana boom is well underway in Florida. The rate of growth of users, physicians and dispensaries continues to grow. During the state session, legislation approved by the state increased licensed growers by 57% statewide, in addition to the smokable form being enabled (the first legislation Governor DeSantis signed into law). Additionally, efforts to attempt to further regulate the industry through legislation failed, including the proposed THC limit of 10%. 

There is new regulation coming that was passed as part of the budget and will be enforced by Florida's Agriculture Department. Last week, AG Commissioner Nikki Fried indicated that a crackdown on CBD products heavily laced with THC would be a focus.

As for the overall medical marijuana industry in Florida. Over the past month we’ve added more users, doctors that are authorized under the state’s program and dispensaries. Here’s the latest...

  • 234,000 users statewide with qualified ID cards +20,000 in June
  • 2,321 qualified physicians +44 in June

Governor Ron DeSantis was a strong advocate for the advancement of medical marijuana coming into office and his government has been delivering on those promises to this point. 

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