Florida's new laws effective July 1st, 2019

Florida’s new laws effective July 1st, 2019

Bottom Line: As of this entry Governor DeSantis has signed 187 bills into law. There are many that have staggered timelines for implementation, some even immediately after having been signed, but the most common date for new laws to take effect is July 1st. Today. Florida features numerous new laws that are now effective. Among them are several highly visible laws and a handful with which you might not yet be familiar. Here are fifteen among the most anticipated. You may click on each one to go directly to the summary of each new law.

Autonomous Vehicles (Allows use of autonomous vehicles on the Florida Turnpike)

Federal Immigration Enforcement (Prohibits local action to deny federal immigration laws, enforcement of local government to begin October 1st)

Firefighters (Expands medical benefits to firefighters and their families suffering from cancer)

Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative (New program that funds a Red Tide Task Force)

Incarcerated Women (Provides female hygiene products for women)

Higher Education (Changes requirements for Bright Futures scholarships)

K-12 Education (Expansion of vouchers, Expansion of Schools of Hope program, easier teacher certification processes)

Prescription Drug Importation Programs (Allows for Florida to important foreign prescriptions, requires federal approval)

Public Records/Civilian Personnel Employed by a Law Enforcement Agency (Protects personal information of non-elected public employees)

State Hemp Program (Allows for hemp farming in Florida)

Transportation (Begins the process to expand the turnpike to Tampa & expansion of the SunCoast Expressway on Florida’s west coast & to Georgia border)

Telehealth (Regulates telehealth statewide)

Vaping (Regulates vaping indoors)

Vegetable Gardens (ability to grow a garden in yard regardless of local regs)

Wireless Communications While Driving (texting while driving ban)

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