Q&A of the Day – Is Vaping really safer?

Q&A of the Day – Is Vaping really safer?

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As a member of the Presidential Advisory Board, former adviser to George H W Bush and related agencies, of a Supreme Court Task Force on Drugs and the Courts, Editor of the Clinical Management of Nicotine Dependence (Amazon)), and for the most part, fan of yours, you need to stop sounding like Pelosi, Schummer, Comey, Hilary, Barack and other assorted horses asses and stop spouting that vaping is 99% safer than cigs like our buddy Hannity.

Did you know that the vape happens because the propellant is like smoking radiator fluid.There are no studies comparing the disease producing effects of smoking nicotine free tobacco and nicotine free vape propellant.

I can tell you that both nicotine free smoke/vape substrates will increase systemic oxidative stress which causes ischemic heart disease, lung disease, cancer, stroke or atrial fibrillation, Alzheimer's, mood disorders and drug abuse.

Fake medical news is killing over 1 million American's yearly.

Bottom Line: While speaking about Florida’s new vaping law, regulating vaping in the same way that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are in our state, I briefly touched on this topic once again. I mentioned research demonstrates vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. That’s the crux of what drew this reaction. What I was referencing was research from a story I brought to you in February. Here’s a refresh. 

There are approximately 7,000 chemicals in a typical cigarette and of course the smoke. If everything else were the same but you didn’t have 7,000 chemicals you’re ingesting regularly, you’d imagine you’d be better off. The latest study of specifically Juul users highlights these benefits... 

Researcher Celerion, completed a study on Juul users vs those who’d stopped smoking altogether. The results were presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco's annual meeting.

  • Juul only users retained only .4% of the “biomarkers” of smokers 

Yes, it’s better to quit smoking but 99.6% of the negative aspects of smoking aren’t present generally with these users. Additionally, the average Juul only user consumes 26% less nicotine than they did when they were smoking traditional cigarettes. As we’ve recently seen,especially among teens using vaping devices, they can lead to increased rates of smoking. But as a practical application to quit smoking or as alternative to smoking – it's clear from recent research – it's a better healthier alternative.

So yes, vaping is bad for you as you’ve suggested, but is it better than traditional cigarettes? Yes, based on the latest clinical research.

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