Q&A of the Day – What's the impact of BSO losing its accreditation?

Q&A of the Day – What’s the impact of BSO losing its accreditation?

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So, what is the impact of BSO losing their accreditation?

Bottom Line: Recently, when the Broward Sheriff’s Office lost its accreditation based on the FDLE’s findings regarding training (lack thereof) along with the botched handling of the Fort Lauderdale Airport and Stoneman Douglas shootings – most of the attention focused on suspended sheriff Scott Israel. After all the state Senate is still considering his status and he’d just filed to run for election in 2020. But what about the loss of accreditation? What is it and what does it mean to you?

The accreditation program is voluntary, but it does have implications. The accreditation includes:

  • establishment of agency goals and objectives with provisions for periodic updating
  • re-evaluation of whether agency resources are being used in accord with agency goals, objectives, and mission
  • re-evaluation of agency policies and procedures, especially as documented in the agency’s written directive system
  • correction of internal deficiencies and inefficiencies before they become public problems
  • the opportunity to re-organize without the appearance of personal attacks.

Think of it as a third party that helps apply best practices to law enforcement agencies, provides outside accountability and added transparency. On that note, it’s obvious why BSO lost its accreditation. The unfortunate reality is that the community is especially in need of those principals as a result of what’s happened. Most law enforcement agencies in Florida, including Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties retain the accreditation. Hopefully BSO can get back on track and regain its accreditation soon.  

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