Florida's Real-Estate story 

Florida’s Real-Estate story 

Bottom Line: Yesterday’s annual real-estate report from the National Association of Realtors placed a spotlight on just how impressive Florida’s real-estate story is – worldwide. I’ll walk you through what’s happening in the world right now and where the top destination in it happens to be. 

Here are categories Florida ranks #1 in currently:

  • Domestic relocation's
  • Foreign relocation's
  • Beaches
  • Public University System

Probably mosquitoes and tackiness too but I’m sticking with the positives here. Anyway, Florida’s performance with foreign buyers placed an exclamation point on how desirable we really are around the world. As you’re (hopefully) aware Florida’s but one of 50 states and just over 6% of the US population. That means that on average if we’re attracting 2% to 6% of the interest from foreign buyers that’d be normal. That didn’t happen. Not by a long shot. 20% of all foreign buyers over the past year choose Florida. That’s a new record for our state and blew past all other states in the process. California was second with 12%. The point is this. What we’ve created in this state is where Americans want to be but literally just about everyone else from around the world as well. 

It’s easy to focus on the negatives day to day and take it for granted but we shouldn’t. And if we’re smart, we’ll continue to improve on what’s made Florida this way. Protecting the environment, low taxes, responsible state government, great culture and food. If we do this not only will it be good for all of us in the meantime – it'll be good for your property value and personal net worth over the long run.

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