Q&A of the Day – How much more liberal are teachers than parents? 

Q&A of the Day – How much more liberal are teachers than parents? 

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Today’s entry...

My son just completed online PT at Broward County Schools - they can do something more but it’s being phased out by our schools. (Politicians) fight for detention centers more than our schools.

PS the parks in Broward have filthy bathrooms again. Detention centers are getting this attention and not facilitates used by residents.

Bottom Line: This topic introduces a couple of points to be made. First, are our priorities in the classroom being represented? Second, are our interests being represented by our representatives or are they serving their own political interests? 

Your point’s well taken that the Homestead Detention Center’s bathrooms are likely cleaner than many public facilities at any given time. Just last week Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez led a contingent of local politicians through the Homestead facility with unfettered access and said the facility’s conditions were outstanding and the children well cared for (notice how the false accusations about the facility have suddenly died down since). Now, that’s not to say the Homestead facility should be maintained less well than other publicly paid for operations but I accept your point that if politicians cared as much about what we pay for that’s intended for our use – we'd be better off. Which takes me to your thought about education. 

All of this goes together in my mind. And it all begins with education. Why is it we have politicians who feel it’s ok to politicize and make false claims about illegal immigrant children in the first place? They were elected. Why were they elected? A lack of education in my view. And this walks me into the headline I created for today’s Q&A. Who’s running the education establishment in the first place...

In the 2016 Presidential election just over 46% of voters voted for Donald Trump. According to a study of teachers by Education Week following the election only 29% of teachers voted for him. That’s a significant disconnect that we know tends to permeate in the classroom. The average classroom teacher is far to the left of the average parent. And that’s the average teacher. Once you account for the teacher’s unions – it's overwhelming. 94% of money and pledged support by teachers' unions for political purposes in the 2016 cycle went to Democrats and/or their PACs. 

In short, your interests in the schools isn’t being represented by you but by those who choose to prop up the values of those who place the concerns of the condition of the detention centers above the interests of legal citizens. And for that matter, the interests of illegal immigrants above the interests of legal citizens. It’s why we all need to play a role in holding public officials at all levels accountable – starting with our schools.

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