Caffeine = migraines?

Caffeine = migraines?

Bottom Line: For the fully caffeinated among us the idea of coffee causing migraines probably sounds absurd. After all, isn’t caffeine supposed to naturally combat headaches? The answer to that question is still yes, but the idea of too much of a good thing potentially comes into play here. A study from Harvard and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center revealed something that could be a bit of a buzz kill. Literally. 

Here’s the summation statement from their study: 

Based on our study, drinking one or two caffeinated beverages in a day does not appear to be linked to developing a migraine headache, however, three or more servings may be associated with higher odds of developing a headache.

So, whether it’s headache issues you battle or full-blown migraines – you might want to check your coffee consumption. According to the researchers 87% of Americans drink caffeine on a daily basis, most commonly through coffee. 98% of Americans who suffer with regular headaches drink it daily. That adds to the credibility of the findings. Independent of the study, what might be happening is dehydration. Most Americans are dehydrated. If most of your liquid is coming with caffeine attached there’s a good chance you’re regularly dehydrated. If you don't want to give on your caffeine habit try chugging a glass of water as soon as you wake up and after every cup of joe – and call me the next morning.



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