Weekend Rewind: Reasons to feel great about Florida in 2020

Reasons to feel great about Florida in 2020

Bottom Line: Negative news far too often rules the news, especially in South Florida. With over 20 million Floridians and about half of us in South Florida, you can find something that’s wrong all of the time if you’re inclined. But as I look through what’s really going on for the average Floridian as we enter the new year and decade, the future’s so bright...well, you know. 

Ten years ago, today, what do you think the unemployment rate in Florida was? Ready...11.2%. What’s it today? A record low 3.1%. Ten years ago, today, the average household income in Florida was $50,000. Today it’s $56,500. What about crime? We’ve seen crime decline statewide every year over the past decade and currently have a 48-year low in overall crime rates. And what about our home? 

Ten years ago, the Florida foreclosure rate was 5.9%. Today it’s 0.7%. I could continue but you get the idea. Record low unemployment, with an unemployment rate that’s dropped by 72%. Record high incomes which have risen by 13%. Near record low foreclosures with 88% fewer taking place. If you look around for negative news – you can easily find it. But Florida’s a great news story today that just keeps getting better for most Floridians. 

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