Q&A of the Day – How Islam factors into the Iranian conflict

Q&A of the Day – How Islam factors into the Iranian conflict

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Today’s entry: I don't know what to say about (Iran) other than my view of Islam is that they are barbaric and have vowed to wipe out our way of life and kill everyone that does not believe in or worship Allah. So basically, I support protecting our lives from monsters that teach their children to hate and commit suicide bombings. They create kids to kill us as soon as they can hold a gun! Think about that for a second!!!"

Bottom Line: Ever since reading the Quran and coming to an understanding as to why Iraqis didn’t grasp freedom given the opportunity after we toppled Saddam Hussian, I’ve had my eyes wide open pertaining to Islam. The reason why Iraq remains as unstable as it is and as hostile towards us as it often seems, is about Islam. The reason why we’ll never find much common ground with Iran is about Islam. The reason why even an alleged ally in the region,Saudi Ariba can’t be trusted and continues to export terrorism to us (most recently at Naval Air Station Pensacola), is about Islam. But it’s about a specific sect of Islam and the distinction is important for multiple reasons. 

The only sect of Islam which supports the violence and ideology you described is when Islam is practiced under Sharia law. Sharia law is evil. Under Sharia women are inferior and subservient to men. Any violations under Sharia for women are punishable by death. Those violations can be as minor as women not covering their head in public. Homosexuals are killed under Sharia. And as for the motivation in geopolitical affairs... Under Sharia, followers are called to convert all others. If conversion isn’t agreed to, under Sharia, these people are considered infidels and are to be killed. This is the basis for Islamic terrorism as we understand it. 

It’s important to understand this distinction as commonly victims are other Muslims who don’t adhere to Sharia. In other words, it’s incorrect to paint all of Islam with this broad brush just as it’s important to understand the threat of Sharia. Now, as to why it’s important as it pertains to the Iranian conflict – here are the countries currently governed by Sharia law:

  • Afghanistan  
  • Indonesia 
  • Iran  
  • Iraq  
  • Maldives  
  • Mauritania  
  • Nigeria  
  • Qatar  
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Sudan  
  • UAE  
  • Yemen   

Notice we have problems with all of these countries and that Iraq chose Sharia rather than freedom when we gave them the opportunity. As long as people adhere to Sharia, Islamic terror will be an issue for the rest of the world. As long as countries like Iran and Iraq choose to govern under Sharia, we’ll never find common ground, unless we decide to cave to an evil ideology. Therefore, it’s my belief that we need to do what’s necessary to protect our interests and leave it at that - exactly what President Trump has articulated...these people don’t want what we want and aren’t open to reason. As you’ve pointed out, they’ve often been corrupted from birth. This is about Islam, but specifically when practiced under Sharia law. 

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