Florida News – Highlights from around the state – March 13th

Florida News – Highlights from around the state – March 13th

Bottom Line: Your daily recap of the some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida.

There were 16 new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Florida on Thursday. This included five in Broward and two in Palm Beach County. While most of the cases involved adults over 60, three of the cases involved people in their 20’s.

Governor DeSantis suspended official travel for state employees until further notice while laying out a five-point plan for state employees. Those points are these:

1. Protect People

2. Increase testing statewide

3. Social Distancing

4. Protection of Florida’s Healthcare system including employees

5. Monitoring travelers into Florida

Each of those includes specific directives that are in force statewide. They include purchasing additional test kits, remote working, the canceling of events,limited access to nursing home and senior facilities, no visitors to prisons, minimizing unnecessary traffic into healthcare facilities and stringent controls on high risk travelers into the state. Directives range from 30 days to TBD.

Governor DeSantis also activated the state’s emergency actions for Florida’s businesses. All local businesses are welcome to fill out the survey at https://floridadisaster.biz/.That information is used to access needs in the business community throughout the state. It’s shared with all relevant agencies including federal and can assist with any available relief.

The cancellation of all sporting activities associated with Major League Baseball, the NCAA tournaments, the NBA and the NHL has brought an abrupt end to all professional and collegiate sports being held in Florida and by Florida’s teams until further notice. Ditto Universal and Disney theme parks through March.

There were several movers in Thursday’s state session including...

  • The DNA legislation that bans insurance companies from using it passed for Governor DeSantis to sign. Ditto the legislation that overhauls DCF oversight, A compromised E-Verify bill that doesn’t mandate use of the federal E-Verify database and legislation that’d raise the legal smoking and vaping age to 21.

Today is the final scheduled day of the session but it will run through at least next Wednesday due to the state’s budget being finalized. 

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