Q&A of the Day – Where rapid COVID-19 tests are available in South Florida

Q&A of the Day – Where rapid COVID-19 tests are available in South Florida

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Today’s entry: My main man Mr. Mudd. LOVE your show! I would like to get tested to see if I had Covid 19 so I won't have to worry about getting it. If I did have it. I think I did back in early Jan. It was a week of death! In home test would be great but I'll also go wherever to get tested. When will that kind of test be available? Stay healthy and keep up the truth telling and honesty. God bless you and your family!

Bottom Line: Thank you for the kind words and support. It’s truly appreciated! About the rapid COVID-19 antibody tests, starting with the at-home tests, they’re not a valid option currently. While there are a myriad of “at-home” tests for COVID-19 being marketed right now, none of them are approved or authorized by the FDA. Simply put, you can’t trust the results of any of them. As for the FDA authorized rapid antibody tests, they are in available in South Florida right now, but it won’t be easy to come by one. 

The antibody test created by Henry Schein, known as the IgG Rapid Test, tests blood via a finger prick and can determine whether one has the virus currently or has had it previously based on antibodies in one’s blood. The purported success rate is 90%-93%. These are all of the ways to come by this test in South Florida right now.


Palm Beach County:

There are numerous other healthcare facilities currently attempting to purchase the tests but as of now those four options are the only way to be tested in South Florida. The testing site at Aventura Mall is only accepting 200 appointments per day and priority is being given to those most at risk. The UHealth Clinic testing is specific to Fisher Island residents only as test kits were purchased for all island residents. The random public-private testing program underway by the University of Miami, Miami-Dade and FPL – that might be the best bet for you to be tested with in the county. Keep your eye out for a call from FPL which is facilitating the callout for testing.The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter may be the most readily available option – they were able to obtain 3,000 tests - though you might imagine getting an appointment could be challenging. There is another more involved option if you’re inclined. The Clinical Studies Unit at the National Institutes of Health is currently looking for 10,000 people in multiple medical studies – including those who fit your description. The studies are generally compensated if you’re accepted into them. 

There’s one other important point. It’s not yet been determined if someone who has had COVID-19 will be immune from it in the future. Just as the flu shot might not be effective against the strain of flu active at any given time-if the coronavirus were to mutate – the possibility would exist of someone contracting it multiple times. Because coronaviruses have generally proven to mutate less than many other viruses, it’s less likely, but still a possibility. 

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