Coronavirus update – May 5th

Coronavirus update – May 5th

Bottom Line: This daily update is designed to put everything in perspective with straight-forward facts. No hyperbole, no misinformation, no nonsense. 34 states are in phase one reopening, including Florida, after Monday. Despite “alarming” warnings of new models suggesting new spikes in cases and deaths – the actual facts in real-time suggest significant improvement throughout the US. Were it not for spikes in Brazil and Russia – the outlook around the world would be extremely encouraging.

The FDA issued a new warning about antibody tests that may not be effective. They’ve identified at least 250 tests purported to be effective for COVID-19 diagnosis but aren’t reliable. To date only 12 labs have submitted their tests for FDA approval with the most widely available approved tests being offered by Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics. 

New medical research was produced, discussed Monday by researchers from Yale, the Warren Albert School of Medicine and Mount Sinai. They’ve observed blood clotting issues with COVID-19 patients of all ages that they’ve not seen with virus reactions previously. The clotting issues can lead to sudden strokes or death and could be the biggest threat posed by the virus for those who aren’t in “at-risk” categories. 

Here’s where we stand as of now...


  • 3,657,733 – 252,548 deaths – 1,202,735 recovered


  • 1,212,955 cases – 69,925 deaths –188,068 recovered

There were 89,000 new diagnosed cases and 4,200 deaths worldwide due to the coronavirus on Monday. That’s a higher rate of new cases and lower rate of deaths from the recent trendline. Brazil and Russia are continuing to see significant spikes in case counts and are responsible for most of the new cases being reported worldwide. In the United States, we’ve had 24,000 new cases and 1,323 deaths Monday. Both are well below the trendline and especially encouraging as 34 states are in phase one reopening as of Monday.

We also continue to have improved news on the closed case death rate. The closed case death rate dropped to 17%, its lowest rate since March 26th.This is down from the peak of 21%. There’s been a considerable lag in clearly recovered cases in Florida and around the world being reported, so there’s reason to believe that this rate will continue to significantly decrease with time and indicates we’re well past the peak.

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