School Board Chairman Frank Barbieri Faces Challenge From Suzanne Page

The chairman of the Palm Beach County School Board has a challenger in his bid for re-election.

Suzanne Page is vying for that seat in District 5 and she's running on a platform of accountability, transparency and school choice.

"Give the parents choice. Open the schools for parents. Open the schools for parents who want to send their children to school, brick and mortar. And if the parent wants to educate the child online, that's fine."

Page says the school board showed that they don't put the children first when they voted unanimously to start the school year with remote learning only.

"It's all about the children. Their welfare, their benefit, their mental health, their academics."

She says she's spoken with parents who can tell their children are depressed because they switched to online learning in the spring and won't be back in class next month.

Page says her more than thirty years as a college economics professor will translate into important oversight on the School Board.

We reached out to Incumbent Frank Barbieri for our Election Spotlight, but have not heard back.

Hear more from Suzanne Page in the audio player above.

Photo: CBS 12

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