Palm Beach County Bars Will Not Reopen On Monday

While the state has granted standalone bars the ability to reopen on Monday, not so fast for Palm Beach County.

County leaders sent out an email to the press on Friday that bars will NOT be allowed to reopen on Monday because they are part of Step 5 of the county's incremental Phase 2.

From the notice: "The County Administrator and the Board of County Commissioners are closely monitoring indicators of COVID-19 prevalence and spread in Palm Beach County and will proceed with additional business openings in accordance with the recently approved Incremental Phase 2 Re-opening Plan for Palm Beach County."

Bars in Palm Beach County, as well as Miami-Dade and Broward, have been closed since March. Other counties moved to Phase 2 back in June and were allowed to reopen bars, before being forced to close them again several weeks later.

So when might bars in our area be allowed to do business again? Step 4 of the Palm Beach County staggered Phase 2 approach would come on November 2nd. So it would happen sometime after that, but there is no "approximate" date, as there is for the other steps in the plan.

Miami-Dade and Broward County leaders say they are also not allowing bars to reopen, with the Mayor of Miami-Dade saying nightclubs and bars will not likely reopen until after a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

Photo: Getty Images

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