Two-Term State House Member Seeks A 3rd, Faces Challenge From GOP Newcomer

There are several Florida House seats on the ballot, including District 87. Incumbent Democrat State Representative David Silvers is seeking a third term, after first being elected into the House in 2016.

He touts his mental health reform legislation.

"I've had a focus on mental health. Passed four pieces of mental health in the four years, signed into law by two different governors. First piece of legislation I passed in 2017, in my first year in the Legislature."

Silvers says that law requires facilities to initiate a medical review of a minor who is Baker-Acted.

He's being challenged by Republican Herb Sennett, a newcomer to politics who is a retired college professor.

"I don't have any argument with Mr. Silvers other than it looks to me like he's following the same track that others have who have served this district, as a stepping stone to a higher office."

Sennett points out that he's in his 70's and only wants to go to Tallahassee long enough to make a difference for the residents of District 87.

Hear more from both candidates on the issues in the above audio players.

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