Which New State Rep Will Serve In Florida House, District 88?

A new state representative will be serving in District 88 come November.

Lake Worth Beach Commissioner Omari Hardy defeated Incumbent Al Jacquet in the Democrat primary.

Hardy has already announced that he is resigning to prepare to serve in the state Legislature, but he still has two candidates to face. We've reached out to the commissioner, but have not heard back.

Hardy has advocated for abolishing Columbus Day.

We asked candidate Rubin Anderson, a registered Democrat who is running with no party affiliation, what he would do if such a proposal was brought up before the Florida House of Representatives.

"There are more important needs in District 88, like healthcare and like affordable housing...people that are sick and need help. There are more important needs that we should focus on right now."

While Anderson is a substitute teacher in the Palm Beach County School District, Republican candidate Danielle Madsen is a full-time teacher.

Unlike those who are working to close schools again over concerns about COVID-19, Madsen says they should remain open everywhere because some families don't have the same resources that others do to be able to keep their kids home.

"I believe that parents should have the opportunity to send their child to in-person school. I believe every child, regardless of who their family is or where they are living in a neighborhood, should have the opportunity to receive a top notch education."

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Photo: Getty Images

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