State House Member & Newcomer Face Off For Kevin Rader's Senate Seat

We kick off a fresh week of Election Spotlight stories with a focus on the race for Florida Senate, District 29.

Democrat Kevin Rader is not seeking re-election and instead asked State Representative Tina Polsky, a fellow Democrat, to run. Polsky says the two have worked together on legislation and the districts overlap.

She says District 29 needs to keep a Democrat in office, and even though Polsky points out that Republican candidate Brian Norton doesn't sound like one, she hints that things will change if he's elected.

"My opponent can speak in the most modern terms that he chooses too, but he's labeled himself a Republican. Almost everything he says or the things that I'm saying, the Republicans feel the opposite so I really don't understand how he would get along with his party if he isn't interested in the Republican values."

Norton is a business consultant, who tells me he is running to give Palm Beach County Republicans a choice.

"I feel like when our current elected politicians keep going unopposed, they're not really held accountable to the people. They're not required to go out there and work for the vote and really listen to what the people have to say. They kind of are allowed to more radicalize and move further into the extremes, whether it's on the Republican side or the Democrat side."

He says both parties are supposed to be working together to solve problems, not belittling each other just to score political points.

Hear more from both candidates on the issues the above audio players.

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Photo: Getty Images

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