Former State Rep. Skidmore Faces Medical Doctor Banionis In House Race

A former State Representative trying to get back to Tallahassee has moved onto the General Election after winning the Democrat primary for the State House, District 81 race.

Kelly Skidmore wants to fill the seat made available by fellow Democrat Tina Polsky's run for the Senate. And she says she's ready.

"I have a track record that you can can see. I am an open book. I have an open mind, an open door policy. But I am an effective legislator. I have proven that. We need someone, at this point in our history, that has some idea of how the Legislature works."

Skidmore faces Republican Doctor Saulis Banionis who has several ideas to share regarding the coronavirus pandemic, both on the medical side and the economic side.

"My proposal was to try to suspend property taxes for employers that have less than 25 employees potentially for the next two years to allow them to jump start their business and put those extra savings that they're getting from the property taxes back into their own business."

If that idea is to get filed in the Legislature by someone serving in District 81, it would have to be Banionis. Skidmore tells us it's not something that she would support.

Hear more from both candidates in the audio players above.

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Photo: Getty Images

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