Palm Beach County Sheriff Says Mask Enforcement Is Not Completely Gone

While Martin County has done away with their mask mandate, there's still one in effect in Palm Beach County...but the governor has said no individuals can be fined for violating there's no enforcement right?

"It's a yes and no on the enforcement."

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says if they're called out to businesses because a customer isn't masked up and refuses to put one on or leave...

"We'll say look, you know, you can't go in the store if it says you've gotta have a mask on. If they say I don't have one, we'll give him one. That's kind of what the enforcement is. Are we writing people tickets? No."

He says it would become a trespassing situation if the person still won't comply, but PBSO isn't getting many of those calls.

Photo: Getty Images

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